Town Structure

Town of Washington

1.1 Town Board

Resource: Bill Jorgenson, Martin Andersen, Richard Tobey, Hans Lux, Debra Thielke

Need Mission and Vision statement

Must include: Public Safety, Public Health, Environment and Budget/Fiscal Responsibility. Everything else is subordinate to these

1.1.1 Hans Lux Treasurer/Clerk

Resource: Alexandria McDonald Town Office

Resource: Tammy Jorgenson, Janet Jessen Election

Resource: Janet Engstrom, Marsha Gunnlauggson, Michaelene Johnson, Amy Rose, Nancy
Thiele, Jeanette Young, Vicki Fuller, Paula Oeler

Not really a committee

Need to make sure staffing and training are adequate Utility District

Resource: Janet Jessen, Hans Lux, Martin Andersen, Richard Tobey, Bill Jorgenson, Debra Thielke, Jeffrey Andersen, Jonathan Mann

Board membership is defined within Ordinance.

Need written Mission/Vision/Goals, along with Charter for the Utility District. Volunteer Committees Wastewater Advisory

Resource: Donna Briesemeister, John Larsen, John Nickchen, Lou Small

Need copy of revised charter for committee. Medical Services

See attached file(s): REVISED MEDICAL COMMITTEE CHARTER 20.02.19.docx

Resource: Jeanette Schauske, Larry Kahlsheuer, Maryjeane Schaffmeyer, Sue Tobey, Terry Foster, Don Riewe, Pete Andersen

The goal in chartering this committee was to review the intersection points (and white spaces) between the EMR/EMS, Police, Fire and Clinic for each category of service, and address the question: How are we doing in each?

Once the "current" service level is assessed, the next questions is: "What is the Art of the Possible?", meaning what could we do better if we had a different model, training, staffing, etc.


Clinic Advisory Committee

See attached file(s): 2 10 2020.pdf, SECOND AMENDED AND RESTATED.docx

Resource: Richard Tobey, Maryjeane Schaffmeyer, Jeanette Schauske Community Center

Resource: Emily Small, Becky Steffens, Liz Pratt, Denise Kellerman, Jim Sorensen, Kari Gordon, Howard Scott

Need written mission/vision/charter for Community Center Committee (maybe it already exists)?

Committee tends to self fund (through donations or fees) all activities, which is excellent.

Propane costs are high. Need to make sure we manage this.

1.1.2 Martin Andersen Fire Department

Resource: Alida Anderson, Kenneth Berggren, Thomas Bloch, Robert Carr, Jeffrey Cornell, Michael Cornell, Jakob Dahlke, Casey Dennis, Mack Ellefson, Richard Ellefson, Donald Engstrom, Jake Farm, Erik Foss, Robert Gillespie, Miryam Gregg, Joel Gunnlaugsson, Adam Hanlin, David Heath, Thomas Hokkanen, Michael Jorgenson, Michael Kickbush, Craig Litterio, Cathy Mann, Jeffrey McDonald, Peter Nehlsen, Michael Nickell, Peter Nikolai, Thomas Nikolai, Hoyt Purinton, Ann Rose, Sarah Schultz, Lou Small, Adam Steffen, Chris Swanson, Paul Swanson, Kimberly Toro, Justin Mews, Evan Lux

Need to understand each unique response scenario for Fire Department. Loss of life is an unacceptable outcome. However, property loss, while not desirable is expected. Thus, are we properly prepared/staffed/equipped to address loss of life? Are we paying too much, too little, just right?

Need to budget for infrastructure and personal equipment (due to life cycles and total cost)

Need training matrix developed for each member (i.e. what they have, what they need, and time/plan to close the gap).

Need to understand the combination/cross training of EMR/EMT with the Fire Department. Although their roles intersect, I don't understand why people are listed for multiple roles (and are in some cases not fully trained or physically capable of performing the expected tasks for all the roles).

Need to get the Physical Criteria sheet filled out by Peter et. al. for Fire Department roles. Once complete, need to assure that every employee fully meets the criterion.

Need to determine if a community committee would be desirable and/or necessary. Recreational Center

Resource: Richard Clancy, Dani Gillespie, Lois Kreuger, Steve Fisco, Jeanette Hanlin, Terry Henkel, Beth Lux, Katie McGrane, Steve Waldron

Need to sit down with committee and get and/or develop Mission/Vision statement for the Recreational Center.

Committee must address the intersection (or lack thereof) between revenue/expense/endowment. The (ca. $140,000) gap must be closed or the Recreational Center will become too great a burden for the Town.

Need to review the opportunity for the Recreational Center to be added to the Town SEV. Would this help or hurt?

Need to consider if we can pool energy purchases with Town (i.e. fuel oil and propane) if applicable. Daniel Nerenhausen Kelly Jorgenson Bunny Buxton Carolyn Bernstein Bill Nauta Carolyn Foss Volunteer Committees Washington Island Foundation

Resource: Carolyn Foss, Jim Catlin, Helene Meyer, Hoyt Purinton, Daniel Nerenhausen, Dan Westbrook

Need to get a copy of the written charter from committee. Infrastructure

Need to review/write mission/vision/charter for this Committee.

Intent is to assess the infrastructure value for all Township buildings, equipment (including, but not limited to Town Crew, Police and Fire Departments) and roads.

From there, the Committee needs to assess the repair/replacement costs for each, and assign them an annual amount (for budgeting purposes).

Further, they need to prioritize the list of any immediate items as to what "should be done first". This must be in place for the 2020/2021/2022 budget cycles, as it will likely exceed what we have budgeted for to-date.

Replacement costs (above) may also include the "Art of the Possible". As such, consolidation of equipment or buildings, as well as new buildings are all within the scope of this Committee. That being said, it clearly isn't an open checkbook or an endless wish list, so heavy doses of reality and affordability must be taken into account.

1.1.3 Deb Thielke Red Barn

Resource: Daniel Hansen

Committee appears to run nearly autonomously, which is good.

Need a written/approved Mission/Vision/Charter.

Need to make sure that lease arrangements are the same (or explicable as to why not, or why they are different) relative to the Art and Nature Center.

Need to address Town Crew costs for grass cutting, restroom maintenance, trash removal, etc. If these are covered in their revenue, perfect. If not, what can be done to close the gap? Archives

Resource: Steve Reiss




What is the meeting schedule? Where are the meeting minutes? Richard Purinton - Chairman
Began May 2015 Kirby Foss - Vice Chairman
Began 2008 Merrill Lundberg - Secretary
Began May 2007 Eric Greenfeldt
Began May 2004 Julie Anderson Jewel Lee Grandy
Began March 2013 Connie Sena
Began July 2010 Judith Yamamoto
Began January 2017 Karen Jess
Began November 2015 Steve Reiss Volunteer Committees Natural Areas

Not sure what the charter, mission/vision for this committee is.

Help? Parks

Resource: Don Riewe, Jeanette Schauske, Debra Thielke, Betty Jorgenson

Need to review mission/vision/charter for the Parks committee

Need to review tenure for the current members and solicit for any new community members

Need to work on the $83,000/yr gap in revenue vs. expense Red Barn Committee

Resource: Jim Goodwin, Mark Nerenhausen, Steve Tobey Jr.

1.1.4 Hans Lux Law Enforcement

Resource: Tyler McGrane, Gary Schultz Airport

Resource: Dick Donnelly

Need a written mission/vision/charter for the Airport Committee

Need to update/revisit the committee membership

Public safety and the budget are critical elements to be addressed by this committee (e.g. daytime approach only on one runway, and $60,000 per year estimated annual cost to Township).

Need to reconcile "elitist" vs. "advantageous" views of airport. Once there is a commonly accepted view (i.e. by the majority of residents) of the airport, progress can be made in a consistent direction. Department of Public Works

Resource: Jonathan Mann, Leland Baxter, Jeffrey Andersen, Rex Jorgenson, Judd Williams (T), Karin Baxter, Roberta Phelps, Christopher Cornell


No committee, but need to address...

1) Harmonization of Town Crew job description

2) Establishment of physical criterion for position

3) Need to establish training/skills requirements (e.g. CDL, welcing, electrical, etc.)

4) Need to assure OSHA rules are communicated/understood/followed

5) Need to revise layout for landfill. Revision needs to include composting, C&D accumulation and grinding. Also, welfare facility (running water/toilet, etc) needs to be installed

6) Work schedules need to be clarified relative to FLSA Exempt and Non-Exempt roles Volunteer Committees IT Committee Airport Committee

Resource: Dick Donnelly, Ed Graf, Gary Crites, Joel Gunnlaugsson, Mike Berger, Valerie Carpenter

1.1.5 Bill Jorgenson Harbors and Waterways

Resource: Pam Young

Mission/Vision/Charter for this committee needs to be expanded for all Township waterways (e.g. Jackson Harbor, Detroit Harbor, etc.). As such, it likely needs to be renamed.

Members for this committee need to be reviewed/revised

Committee needs to address, at a minimum:

1) The property issues associated with the end of Main road (i.e. ice shanty transports across allegedly private property).

2) Clear policy on mooring buoys in Town harbors

3) Property lines at the Town dock, as well as parking signs for same

4) Effect of water levels on Jackson Harbor moorings

5) Is "Time Out" safe at this point (with the water levels)? Jacobsen Museum

Resource: Jeanette Hutchins, Daryl Johnson, Gretchen Misselt, Howard Scott

Need to review mission/vision/charter for the committee

As with the other museums, need to elucidate why the structure for the museum is different than for the Art and Nature Center.

Museum appears to make money, which is excellent, but are all the costs for the town Crew included in the equation? If not, this needs to be done, and any gaps addressed Jackson Harbor Maritime Museum

Resource: Judy Donnelly, Linda Henning, Thomas House

Need (to review or write) the charter for the Museum. What does the Mission/Vision look like?

There are a lot of people on this committee, relative to what was approved by the Board. Thus, the "heart" of the committee should be decided upon and the balance assigned ad-hoc or special task roles.

Museum generates revenue in excess of expenses? If not, what is the gap and how should it be addressed?

Do we utilize a lease structure here? If not, how/why is this different than the Art and Nature Center? Ken Koyen - President Pam Young - Dock Master Judy Donnelly - Manager John Herschberger David Ranney Lee Engstrom Marvin Fuller Eric Greenfeldt Kathleen Morris Dick Donnelly Volunteer Committees Economic Development Committee

See attached file(s): Charter Economic Development.docx

Resource: Don Riewe, Mary Andersen

Need to align with WIZAP and the Chamber of Commerce to develop an economic development plan for Washington Island.

Need to exploit fiber optic communication line Need to create the vision as well as the path to get there for the Island 20 years from today There are a lot of very creative and experienced people on the Island, and we need to tap into their expertise Zoning and Planning - WIZAP Resource: Larry Goodlet, Bill Nauta, Michael Kickbush, Kirby Foss Review/rewrite and then publish the charter as well as the Mission/Vision for this committee Need to work with the Town Board, the Chamber of Commerce, and the Economic Development Committee on developing a Master Plan for business/industry on Washington Island. This should include consideration for enterprise zone(s), downtown development, parking (e.g. Albatross/Red Cup/Fair Isle, Twice Around, Mann's Store, etc.)

Need to leverage the opportunities that are unique to Washington Island. Ideas suggested to me include: non-GMO/heritage seed growth/packaging/distribution, Island brewery (including hops growth harvesting?), Island dairy (cheese) exploiting Death's Door logo, etc. (Consider Trade Mark for Death's Door for Washington Island?)

Would like as much emphasis on planning as on zoning

Need to address Ordinances to cover investment vs. skimming

Need to address Ordinances to cover housekeeping (i.e. I've received written and oral questions about what can be done to encourage housekeeping.