Bags for Landfill are here

The bags required for the trash compacter at the Landfill have arrived.  These bags must be used beginning June 22, 2020.  Bags may be purchased at the Town Office Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 12:00 noon.  In the near future, bags may also be purchased at the Landfill on Saturdays, and at the Mosling Recreation Center.  We will post a notice when those sites start selling the bags.

Bag Prices are:
Small (15 gallon) 5 for $6.00
Medium (33 gallon) 5 for $13.00

Payment may be cash or check payable to Town of Washington.

Beginning June 22, 2020, bags not purchased from the Town will be charged;
Small (15 gallon) $3.00 per bag
Medium (33 gallon) $6.50 per bag
Large (55 gallon) $11.00 per bag